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The DAAD Hilde Domin Programme for Students and Doctoral Candidates at Risk

The Hilde Domin Programme is designed to support students at risk, worldwide, and doctoral candidates who are formally or de facto denied the right to education in their country of origin, to take up or continue their studies in Germany, in order to obtain a degree or doctorate at a German university.

The students and doctoral candidates nominated and selected in the programme are enrolled in degree programmes according to their preferences and individual qualifications, and will receive a scholarship to cover the necessary costs of their study or research stay.

Please note that applying for a visa and preparing to leave the country are the responsibility of the scholarship holders. The DAAD, as the grantor, will provide a basis for this through the funding documents. The arrangement of appointments at the diplomatic missions abroad, the acceleration of procedures, the booking of flights and the provision of logistical services as well as security services are fundamentally outside the mandate and sphere of influence of the DAAD. A systematic special treatment of scholarship holders of the Hilde Domin program cannot therefore be guaranteed.

Nominations can only be made through the University Governing Board. If you wish for us to examine your eligibility for nomination, please send the Service Centre for Refugees & Migration at integra@uni-bayreuth.de all your academic documents, an ID, language certificates for English and/or German, a motivation letter, a tabular CV with no gaps and any proofs of your at-risk status in a password-protected file. Please send the password in a separate E-Mail. Evidence that proves your status of risk, may include a personal written account, written records (e.g. official documents, social media posts, letters detailing/documenting specific incidents etc.), or witness statements, as well as official confirmation of a granted refugee status and/or asylum eligibility. We also recommend you to safeguard your documents with a cloud solution.

Contacts: I-Hsin Stangl and Thorsten Parchent

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  • Application deadline for nomination:
    • Planned start of summer semester in the next year: 15 February
    • Planned start of summer semester in the next year: 15 August

Webmaster: Thorsten Parchent

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