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Opportunities for Refugees.

The University of Bayreuth offers refugees bright prospects, fostering integration by way of university education. Against this background, the University offers – among other things – intensive preparatory courses in the German language, sponsored by the DAAD in the framework of the programmes "Welcome" and "Integra". “As a tolerant, international educational institution, we want to create tailored opportunities that are helpful in fostering the integration of our new residents”, said Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth.

The programme "Refugees Welcome" was established in Winter Semester 2015/16. In the context of this programme, the University of Bayreuth offers intensive preparatory German language courses in cooperation with the IIK (Institut für Internationale Kommunikation und Auswärtige Kulturarbeit e.V.). These courses help prepare refugees who hold a higher education entrance qualification  for the possibility of studying at a German university.

The courses cover the levels B1, B2, and C1. Courses take place on the campus of the University of Bayreuth, introducing refugees to student life and giving them access to a diverse range of opportunities. For example, there are intercultural music events and a buddy programme offered in cooperation with the Student Parliament. We also offer opportunities for scholars at risk.


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